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Bark, Compost & Soil

including decorative bark, mulching materials, composts and soils for all your gardening needs.


Bark is ideal around trees and shrubs, or on flower beds and borders and creates a chunkier, decorative finish.

When used as a mulch it will suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.

Various types of bark available so please contact us for availability.


This rich, organic compost is derived from recycled green waste. It's ideal for potting and planting, enriching soil, and enhancing beds and borders. PAS100 certified.

Please note: whilst this product has a high nutrient content and is an excellent peat-free alternative , as it is derived from green garden waste it may contain small amounts of non organic materials as per pas100 certification.


Our premium blended soil is a high quality, nutrient rich organic soil mix. It is made from PAS 100 compost with added sands and minerals to help promote drainage and usability. It is a great product for borders, plants and growing vegetables when mixed with earth. Our soil is 10 mm screened and is perfect for home use and landscaping projects.

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